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Saturn Return In Pisces

The time has come for the Pisces Saturn return in astrology, you sneaky little fish! On March 7, 2023, Saturn will slide from Aquarius into Pisces, marking the start of a new era of cosmic reckoning for all of you having a Saturn in Pisces placement in your birth chart.

Saturn return in pisces

If you have no idea what a Saturn return is, read this post.

What is my Saturn return?

In astrology, it means that the planet Saturn is returning to the zodiac sign it was in when you were born. If you’re lucky enough to live a long life, it happens 3 times in our lives. Saturn takes about 20-30 years to return to its original place as it spends about 2.5-3 years into each sign.

When is my Saturn return happening?

It’s your FIRST Saturn return in Pisces when you were born between May 21st 1993, and June 30th 1993, or between January 28th 1994 and April 7th 1996.

It’s your SECOND Saturn Return in Pisces when you were born between March 23rd 1964, and September 16th 1964, or between December 16th 1964 and March 3rd 1967.

If your birth date doesn't fall into any of these, your Saturn return is not about to happen soon, you can easily calculate the date of your Saturn return HERE.

Saturn vs. Pisces

As the zodiac sign of dreams, intuition, and deep emotions, Pisces already knows a thing or two about soul-searching. But with planet Saturn in the mix, get ready to take that introspection to a whole new level. You may find yourself grappling with issues around identity, boundaries, and spirituality during this time. But fear not, my Saturn in Pisces friends, because with Saturn's discipline and determination by your side, you'll emerge from this transit stronger, wiser, and more connected to your true self than ever before!

Understanding Saturn in Pisces

Saturn is strict, and Pisces likes to let loose. Saturn in Pisces is understanding water. Water is prevalent, powerful, purposeful... with boundaries. Saturn will ask you to bring structure in the "water" in our lives: the ebb and flow, illusion and delusion, creativity and spirituality... Especially in the parts that have been a bit chaotic, things you may have neglected. You will have to bring awareness to where your energy goes, learn how to tap into your intuition, reclaim your inner power and protect your energy by setting boundaries.

The last time Saturn was in Pisces was during the Grunge era in the 90s. We're already seeing it influence todays fashion again, but don't let things escalade into your attitude towards society. Stay clear from cynicism, underachieving or going into depression. Themes that may arise in society are: sobriety, drugs being legalized, ocean/water, religious fanaticism, creative expression through art and spirituality, cults...

Themes for Saturn in Pisces based on your rising sign

Where you are being asked to grow in your life? Read your rising and sun sign:

Aries: 12th house: spirituality, rest, rejuvenation, explore your intuition, boundaries around your energy

Taurus: 11th house: changing up your friend groups, your community, take responsibility and give back to society.

Gemini: 10th house: career shifts and changes, career glow-ups and grow-ups coming from hard work, promotions

Cancer: 9th house: learn something new, make time for improvement, travel or save up for travel, you may have to sacrifice some things in order to learn something entirely new in order to take you to the next level

Leo: 8th house: personal power, reflect on things that have been holding you back on a subconscious level, time for heightened intimacy, sensual connections, open your mind for transformation and renewal

Virgo: 7th house: changes into your relationships, like break-ups, getting married, open your eyes to the relationships in your life, deep commitment, moving in together

Libra: 6th house: take more responsibility of your day to day routine, work, health and wellness, pay attention where you are called to make changes

Scorpio: 5th house: understanding things from your childhood, understanding limitations and fear around self-expression, thoughts of having kids of your own

Sagittarius: 4th house: shifts in your home, a move, a change, reflecting on beliefs from growing up, from your roots

Capricorn: 3rd house: a mindset reset, your everyday life, going back to school, doing something in your local community

Aquarius: 2nd house: lessons around money and financial responsibility, lessons on making more money and/or saving more money, shift in values

Pisces: 1 house: identity, self-expression, physical body, personality, lifestyle-changes or new identity


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