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Saturn Return: Everything You Need To Know

Ah, the dreaded Saturn return. It’s the cosmic event that strikes fear into the hearts of astrologers and mere mortals alike. But what exactly is it? And why does everyone seem to be talking about it?

Saturn return in astrology

What is a Saturn return?

First things first, let’s talk about the planet Saturn. In astrology, Saturn is known as the planet of discipline, responsibility, and restriction. It’s often associated with hard work, tough life lessons, and karma.

Now, imagine Saturn completing a full orbit around the sun, which takes about 27 to 30 years. When Saturn returns to the same position in the sky that it was in at the time of your birth, this marks your Saturn return. If you’re lucky enough to live a long life, the Saturn return happens 3 times in your life.

When is my Saturn Return?

No need to pull up your Birth Chart and start counting, you can easily calculate your exact date HERE.

The First Saturn return between our 27-30s, symbolizes our coming of age, giving the push you need to enter true adulthood. It's a portal that gives us a phase of challenging transformation, to re-evaluate every aspect of life. Am I being in integrity? Am I authentic? Am I fulfilling my greatest purpose? Redefining yourself for you, not your family, not society…

During the Second Saturn return at the end of your 50s, you're ready to step into a mentorship role, applying leadership, wisdom, information lessons you've learned. People who are in their first Saturn return may look for your mentorship. You're meant to share your wisdom. You’re becoming into your pre-eldership.

The Third Saturn return at the end of our 80s, symbolizes the end of our life, gathering the wisdom of our life to plant seeds for future generations.

Saturn return

But why is this such a big deal? Well, because Saturn is all about growth and maturity, your Saturn return is said to be a time of reckoning. It’s a period of intense self-reflection and evaluation, where you may be forced into isolation to confront your deepest fears, insecurities, and limitations.

Think of it like a cosmic reality check. You’ve spent the first three decades of your life building a foundation and establishing your identity. But now, as Saturn comes back around, it’s time to take a hard look at what you’ve built and determine whether it’s truly serving you.

How to work with your Saturn Return

During your Saturn return, you may experience significant challenges or changes in your life. You might feel stuck in a job or relationship that no longer fulfills you, or you may be forced to confront unhealthy patterns or behaviors. This may be different for everyone.

Saturn will put you to work
Saturn will make you look in the mirror, time to do the inner work.

Saturn will ask you to make sacrifices.

Saturn will give you less so you can have more later.

Saturn will call you out for everything you have been ignoring. 

But don’t panic, your Saturn return isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, it can be an incredibly transformative and empowering time if you embrace it with an open mind and heart.

This is your chance to shed old patterns, let go of limiting beliefs, and step into your true power. You may discover hidden talents or passions that you never knew you had, or you might make bold decisions that set you on a new and exciting path!

Do's and Don'ts during your Saturn return


  • Make time for yourself, self-reflection, journaling, do all the inner work, also shadow work, isolate yourself if necessary, or find a therapist or trusted person who can guide you.

  • Take strong accountability for everything in your life, and take responsibility for your actions.

  • Check in with your mind and body.

  • Set clear boundaries, for yourself and the people around you, learn how to say no.

  • Work on discipline, time-management, make a schedule, create a healthy routine.

  • Think less is more.

  • Envision where you see yourself in the future.

  • Embrace the changes, take chances and work hard on what gives you fulfillment.


  • Resist the changes happening, you won't evolve without change.

  • Compare yourself to others, everyone's path is different.

  • Be hard on yourself, this can be exhausting and cause limitations.

  • Stay in your comfort zone.

  • Try to live up to people's or society's expectations, don't settle for anything you aren't ready for.

  • Think you have to have life figured out.

We're approaching the Saturn return in Pisces, starting March 7, 2023, read more HERE. If your Saturn is in Pisces, don’t be afraid. Trust the process, and know that you have the strength and resilience to come out the other side stronger and wiser than ever before. See your Saturn return as a wake-up call from the universe that invites you to take stock of your life, face your fears, and step into your power. So, bring on the challenges and let the transformation begin!


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