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5 Ways to Relax and Recharge After a Long Week

Hi loves! There’s nothing more exciting than that “TGIF” feeling. I really enjoy having me-time or simply being around my loved ones, especially after a long and exhausting day. Let me show you 5 easy ways to soften and unwind the mind, body and soul.

Relaxing bath tub with rose leaves and candle light

1. Take a bath

I absolutely love taking a bath! I usually make my bath really warm to get the illusion of bathing in a hot spring; all you need to do is close your eyes. You can make bath time a luxurious experience by adding your favorite essential oil, bath bomb, or rose leaves, like I did. If you like to take long baths you can even read a book; I’ve also seen photos of people taking their laptop with them to watch their favorite show. Personally, I like my bath time to be a calm and quiet experience with a glass of wine and maybe some relaxing spa music in the background.

2. Get a massage

Is there anything more relaxing than getting a massage? To be honest, I went to a masseuse only 3 times in my life; most of the time I just ask my partner or relative to give me a massage. I remember when I was younger me, my sister and cousin used to have sleepovers and take turns to massage each other’s back. We had a lot of fun!

3. Meditate

I’m a heavy thinker, and sometimes I feel that this can exhaust me. From time to time I have to empty my mind, and I’ve found a way to do this through yoga and meditation. Although I’m very new to this, I already feel such a difference after each practice. It's easier than you think, just find a quiet place, close your eyes and clear your mind.

Reading a book

4. Read

I’ve never really been a reader, but lately I find such pleasure in reading something that interests me. I’m currently reading about psychology, a topic I’ve never studied before, and I find it very interesting. I challenge you to pick a topic you don’t know much about and read into it. It might be enlightening.

5. Have a family dinner

One of the things I value most in life is to have dinner with my family. Some of you might think: “why’s that relaxing?”. If you have a big family it can get busy at the dinner table, or when you’re just dining with your partner you might get on the ‘complain train’ about an exhausting workday. It’s really not about that. Take a step back and have a look at the simple and most precious things in life. Having a family around you, being able to have dinner with them… I’m sure this can truly warm the heart with positive feelings and happiness.


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